Adding rice to your bodybuilding diet

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It can be confusing when deciding which foods to make part of your workout menu especially when you have a calorie count you would like to maintain. One of the many foods you might be considering could be rice, a carb-heavy meal with some protein. Below are some frequently asked questions we have curated from around the web to help you make your decision.


Is rice good for bodybuilding?

Yes, this is because rice is a good source of carbohydrates, and carbohydrates are our main source of energy. Its high carbohydrate content makes rice a favorite of bodybuilders when they wake up, before and after exercising, and before bedtime, especially when bulking up. However, there are some things you shouldn’t eat for bodybuilding.

While it is high in carbs, rice also has a high protein content compared to other grains, and it also has a low-fat content making it a great meal to eat before or after working out.

Can I eat rice for six-pack abs?

Yes. However, rice in isolation doesn’t directly benefit abs except for the overall energy and aid in recovery after a workout that carbohydrates give in general.

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While carbohydrates such as rice facilitate a speedy recovery after a workout and improve energy levels during exercise, carbs such as white bread, sports drinks, and sugary cereals aren’t the best to consume before a workout since they can prevent fat loss. Instead, you should reserve them for consumption after a workout for their recovery benefits.

Is it OK to eat rice while working out?

Yes. Since rice just like other carbohydrates helps in energy building and aids in recovering glycogen levels, it is okay to eat them before, after, and while working out. However other grains like oats, quinoa, etc., can also help with that.

Does rice build muscle?

Not in particular. Carbohydrates as a whole provide energy for the body, and this energy can be helpful when trying to build muscle. Also, carbohydrates can help in energy and glucose recovery after a workout. Overall, rice just like similar carbs can have a positive effect on your muscle growth.

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How much rice should I eat to build muscle?

While starting out, you can eat one cup of rice (206 calories – white rice) before or after a workout, over time, you can increase your intake to gain more energy for more strenuous gym/workout activities. However, endeavor to balance out your diet with other foods while trying to meet your daily calorie count.

Can I eat rice after a workout?

Yes. After a workout, you can eat rice because it contains carbohydrates which help you to refuel your glycogen reserves while also helping you to combat fatigue.

Which rice is best for the gym?

While brown rice has more nutrients, white rice is best for the gym and for working out since it digests faster than brown rice. However, if you would like to eat brown rice before a workout session, make sure it is a few hours before you go to the gym. On the other hand, you can eat white rice just an hour before starting your workout.

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Should I eat rice before or after a workout?

You can do both, eating rice before a workout gives you energy to workout while eating it after working out helps you replenish your glycogen levels.

Is it okay to eat white rice after a workout?

Yes, and when combined with a food high in protein you will see great results if your goal for working out is to build muscles.

Is rice good for bulking?

Yes, because it is high in carbs which is a great source of glycogen and energy. A great way to increase muscle growth is to combine rice with vegetables and a protein source to produce the perfect post-workout meal.

Final Thoughts

While rice can be a great addition to your workout menu, make sure to balance it out with other food classes to get the most out of your workout sessions.