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For Faster Muscle Growth Avoid These 7 Food Categories

While you might think bodybuilding is all about working out and sticking to a preset calorie count, filling yourself with the wrong kind of nutrition can go a long way in preventing you from developing the right amount of muscles that you deserve.

Even though these meals have a negative effect on your muscle growth, it’s not to say you won’t see any muscle growth while eating them, however, your muscle gain will be stunted even if you have a rigorous workout course that promises massive growth.

For such programs to meet expected results, you need to stick to a calorie count made up of foods that are good for muscle growth, and below, I will list out most of the meals to avoid and some frequently asked questions that you might be asking about foods that don’t agree with muscle development.

Top 7 Food Categories That Kill Your Muscle Gain

Low-Calorie Vegetables

These types of vegetables though healthy make you full without supplying enough needed calories for an efficient workout. 

Veggies like this include celery, spinach, and lettuce. While a cup of chopped celery contains only 14 calories, a cup of spinach gives 7 calories, 100 grams of which only adds about 23 calories to your daily calorie count. Even though they only give such low amounts of calories, they fill you up, leaving no space for foods with higher calories like avocado, beets, potatoes, beans, or broccoli.

Low Carb Fruits & Foods

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While they might be healthy, when trying to build muscles, you need to stay clear of low-carb fruits which often tend to fill you up without adding much to your calorie count. These fruits are best suited for times when you are more focused on maintaining your muscles, however, even at those times, make sure to consume enough carbs. Some of these fruits include lemon, raspberries, watermelons, kiwi, plums, peach, blackberries, etc.

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Even though you need protein for muscle growth, you shouldn’t focus on foods that contain much protein at the expense of carbohydrates. For an efficient muscle gain, find a proper balance between the proteins and carbohydrates that you consume since carbs can help increase energy levels before workouts and help replenish glycogen levels after. One of such foods that you should include in your diet is rice.

Alcoholic Beverages

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Among the top items you should avoid is alcohol. Regular intake of alcohol increases your antioxidant demands because it puts your body under stress. This can affect your muscle recovery since the antioxidants needed to break down proteins are instead used to metabolize the alcohol.

While you might not be able to outrightly stop your alcohol consumption, you should at least reduce the rate at which you consume it, reducing your daily intake to about 24 fluid ounces daily. This equals about two bottles of beer daily.

All-Purpose Flour

Since most baked foods like cakes, bread, and cookies/biscuits are usually made with all-purpose flours that supply empty calories (those calories that come from added sugars and solid fats) to the body, you should stay clear of them when trying to build muscle.

If you must eat such products, either find those made with flours high in fiber or bake yours with such flours instead. A semi-effective option is to either make yours or find the ones that are made with an equal combination of high fiber flours and all-purpose flours.

Deep-Fried Foods

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While deep-frying might improve the tastes of foods, it isn’t particularly friendly to muscle growth. As much as you can, avoid deep-fried foods like french fries, onion rings, fried fish, or deep-fried chicken since they often contain high quantities of saturated fat, salt, and cholesterol all of which are bad for muscle growth.

Sugary Foods and Drinks

These include ice cream, sodas, candies, cookies, and energy drinks. Foods and beverages like this supply the body with empty calories that prevent, rather than boost muscle gain. Empty calories from these products encourage weight gain, which can make muscle development difficult.


What kills muscle gain?

Sugary foods are among the top things that kill muscle gain since they are easily accessible and can be addictive. However, other things that kill muscle gain include alcoholic beverages, products made with all-purpose flours (e.g. cakes, cookies), deep-fried foods, low-carb foods, and low-calorie veggies.

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What should I not eat after a workout?

Avoid fried foods, sugary foods, and fatty food (unless you have fruits or yogurts to balance out the fats). You should also avoid foods that are high in pure protein right after a workout. Here are things you can eat after workouts.

Why are my muscles not growing?

Even if you are using the most effective workout course for muscle gain, if you are not eating right, you will suffer poor muscle growth. To correct this make sure you have an adequate amount of carbohydrates, fats, and proteins in your diet.

What should I avoid to get abs?

If your goal is to get abs, you should steer clear of sugar-filled foods and beverages, like candies, ice cream, energy drinks, and sodas. You should also avoid alcoholic drinks, and deep-fried foods since they supply empty calories that are bad for abs development.

Can I eat apples after working out?

Yes. Apples are perfect as post-workout fruits and snacks since they are low in calories, and have enough needed calories to replenish depleted glycogen levels after a workout.

Do muscles grow after every workout?

Yes. But it’s a gradual process. The process of muscle growth occurs after working out because the body has to repair broken muscle fibers by fusing muscle fibers together. This cellular activity forms new protein strands that are thicker and more in number thus resulting in muscle growth.

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