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Reducing Belly Fat: 10 Foods You Should Be Eating

When we consume more calories than we burn, our bodies store the excess as fat, which leads to the formation of belly fat. Although belly fat may appear to be harmless, it offers a significant health risk since it frequently surrounds internal organs. People with belly fat are at risk of a variety of health concerns, including liver difficulties, heart problems, diabetes, and certain types of cancer.

Here are a few foods that can help you in combating and reducing belly fat:


Because of their calcium content, yogurts are good for reducing belly fat. Their calcium content helps the body metabolize faster, resulting in the faster breakdown of food items in the body before they form new lipid deposits.

To get better results with yogurts, drink them outside meals with either blackberries or blueberries, the anthocyanins in these berries will help boost the fat-burning effects of yogurts.

Green Tea

Green Tea contains a polyphenol called epigallocatechin gallate, which helps fight white fat, the type of fat that accumulates around the abdomen. For it to aid in fat loss, you should prepare it with a leaf tea and without sugar. For maximum results, drink about four cups per day.


reducing belly fat
source: Tetiana Bykovets

While it may seem unlikely, chocolates are quite good in burning belly fats, however, for it to work, you need to eat about one ounce of chocolates with a high cocoa content after meals, up to 70% cocoa content.

It can also go a long way toward assisting fat loss because dark chocolate improves insulin activity, decreases hunger and appetite, and can put you in a good mood that can encourage you to function at your very best to aid fat loss.

Vegetables with high fiber content

In order to get the most out of vegetables, try eating them raw whenever possible: carrots, green leaves, etc. In this way, we are more likely to benefit from the nutrients and fiber they contain. By mixing fiber with acid, fiber makes the stomach swell and makes the stomach feel more full. As a result, the body uses the energy in stored fat.


Researchers at the University of Barcelona found that eating 30 grams of walnuts every day for 12 weeks reduced abdominal fat. Additionally, walnuts help lower blood sugar levels and are satiating. Getting all these benefits from walnuts is as easy as eating five per day.

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Hot peppers

source: Timothy L Brock

Because of the capsaicin in them, hot peppers are good for reducing belly (capsaicin is the substance that makes them spicy). This substance in hot peppers increases your body temperature and metabolism, helping you burn fat faster.

Habanero peppers, date peppers, cayenne peppers, serrano peppers, and jalapeno peppers have the highest amounts of capsaicin.


The aroma of cinnamon is caused by its cinnamaldehyde content, this same substance gives it the ability to promote the burning of abdominal fat while also increasing insulin production and lowering blood sugar.

By substituting sugar with cinnamon in your coffee or tea, you will improve its taste whilst reducing its calorie content which in turn helps in reducing the number of calories left unused in the body.

Citrus fruits

Citrus fruits high in Vitamin C like oranges, lemons, and grapefruits help our body process fat faster helping in reducing belly fat. By including these fruits in breakfasts and desserts we can take advantage of their fat-burning capabilities.


source: Tessa Rampersad

There is evidence that this recipe boosts the metabolism of fats. And it’s easy to prepare. Simply mix lime juice, 1/4 spring onion, 2 avocados, 1/4 tomato, and coriander together. Chili can be added to enhance the fat-burning effect due to its capsaicin content.


Considering the numerous health benefits of lentils, it is recommended to consume them at least once a week. The iron in lentils helps to burn body fat, as well as vitamin B12, necessary for fat to be converted into energy, and vitamin B3, which also helps burn belly fat.

It is not recommended to cook them with too much fat or highly processed ingredients such as red meat or processed foods such as chorizo.


What causes a fat belly?

A fat belly is caused by a number of things including lack of exercise, poor diet, and stress. When you have a fat belly, you can flatten it by following a better diet or a weight loss diet, increasing the recreational activities you participate in, etc.

What foods help burn belly fat?

Several foods can help you burn belly fat, these include yogurts, hot peppers, and vegetables rich in fiber like broccoli, dark chocolate, diluted vinegar, green tea, etc.

Can you lose stomach fat in 7 days?

It depends on the size of your belly fat. By exercising and planning your meals you can lose as much as 1 to 2 pounds in 7 days.

How can I reduce my tummy in 7 days?

Because this is a gradual process, you can start by reducing your intake of refined carbohydrates, reducing your salt intake, exercising daily (you can do crunches for a more direct approach), getting on a diet, exchanging your meats with salmons, and eating more fibrous foods.

Do eggs burn belly fat?

While eggs don’t burn fat they can help you reduce weight since their proteins and healthy fats make you feel full thus preventing you from consuming empty calories that contribute to gaining weight. Studies have shown that people who eat eggs in the morning lose more weight and belly fat than those who eat foods with high carbs like cereal.

Does lemon water burn fat?

There are not many differences between lemon water and normal water. However, lemon water can make you feel full, help you stay hydrated, and increase your metabolism thereby contributing to weight loss.

What drink helps burn fat?

The metabolism-boosting effects of drinks such as green tea, coffee, yogurt, orange juice, and ginger tea can help minimize hunger and increase satiety, which contribute to weight loss.


When they eat too much, most people end up with a few extra kilos. This happens most of the time during the Christmas holidays, but also during the summer holidays or any other period when we change our eating routines. Our inclination is to blame sauces, ice cream, or sugary drinks for this.

Nevertheless, we shouldn’t lose sight of the fact that the main cause of weight gain is not the foods we eat, but the difference between the energy provided by these foods and the expenditure we make on them.

When the caloric intake is below the number of calories we eat, the result is that we put on weight. That is, we store the excess energy in the form of fat.

To reduce or eliminate the accumulation of lipids it is essential to exercise and eat a low-calorie diet that forces the body to “dip into” those stored fat cells (adipocytes). However, we can increase our chances of success by including in our diet certain foods that can gradually reduce our weight, keep us satiated for longer, and speed up the metabolism so that the body burns up more fat.

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